The plug-in only camera works with Amazon’s Blink Home Monitor app which allows the remote two-way chat to hear or talk people (wanted or unwanted) or pets if you’re outside the home.

Amazon said that local storage of files will be available after the release of the £39.99 Blink Sync Module 2 and that cloud storage currently requires a Blink cloud subscription plan. A trial of the latter valid till 31 March 2021 is included with every purchase of the Blink Mini, but the downside is the camera doesn’t ship till 13 May. Regular monthly fees for Blink cloud are £2.50 per month.

Aside from this, the camera itself looks solid for the money with 1080p day recording and night time infra-red HD recording. An advantage of buying into Amazon’s Blink ecosystem is that the camera is compatible with Alexa devices, so you can play back video, turn on a live stream of the camera or turn it off using Alexa voice commands.

The Blink Mini looks like an overall good buy for the price and the promise of a decent ecosystem of other Amazon products and services. If you want to go even cheaper a sa way of getting into indoor home security, the decent Neos SmartCam is surprisingly good for just £19.99.