The original Raspberry Pi arrived four years ago, and the third generation board adds some critical features while keeping the same amazingly low price as the old model. Here's what you need to know about the Raspberry Pi 3 release date, price and specifications

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Raspberry Pi 3 release date

The RPi 3 is available to buy from 29 February - the fourth anniversary of the launch of the original.

Raspberry Pi 3 price

You can buy a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B from various places - it costs £30 from PiHut, £29.99 from NewIT, £31.66 from CPC and £29.99 from ModMyPi

Raspberry Pi 3 specs

Raspberry Pi 3 release date price and specs

Here are the highlights:

  • 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU (~10x the performance of Raspberry Pi 1)
  • Integrated 802.11n wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.1
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4x USB ports
  • Full size HDMI output
  • MicroSD slot
  • MicroUSB port for power
  • 40-pin extended GPIO
  • 4 pole Stereo output and Composite video port
  • CSI camera port for connecting the Raspberry Pi camera
  • Complete compatibility with Raspberry Pi 1 and 2
  • DSI display port for connecting the Raspberry Pi touch screen display

The 10x figure comes from a multi-threaded benchmark like SysBench. RPi says real-world apps will see between a 2.5x and 20x performance boost over the first-gen board.

The older models will still be on sale - the Raspberry Pi doesn't replace them.

The connections are in the same place as the second-gen model and the board can still be powered by a 5V micro-USB power adapter. Raspberry Pi recommends a 2.5A adapter if you're going to be connecting power-hungry USB devices to the Raspberry Pi.

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