Black Friday deals are in full swing, and Vodafone isn't holding back. Customers who sign up now to Vodafone's Superfast 1 or Superfast 2 home broadband services will also get a free Google Nest Hub Max worth £219. The deal ends 2 December.

The Superfast 1 option guarantees a minimum speed of 25Mbps and costs £24 per month if you're a new customer. If you're already with Vodafone on mobile, the price is £22 per month.

For faster broadband, there's the Superfast 2 option, which promises a minimum speed of 55Mbps for £28 per month for new customers. Again, if you're already with Vodafone on mobile, the price is reduced to £26 per month. Head to Vodafone now to see its broadband deals now.

Both plans are for 18 months and also come with a six month free trial of F-Secure anti-virus software that covers up to 5 devices. 

The Google Nest Hub Max released earlier this year as an update to what was known as the Google Home Hub. As an always-on and always-connected smart display supported by Google Assistant, you can use voice commands to remotely get information (like weather or traffic updates) or play music as you would with any smart speaker – but the added benefit of a 10in HD screen and a built-in Nest Cam camera means you can also watch videos, see photos, and make video calls.

The Nest Cam features a 127-degree field of vision, which means it can track you during video calls even if you move out of the frame – a handy feature if you're on a call while busy with other things (don't worry, you will see a green light and a pop-up notification whenever the camera is on). 

Here's everything there is to know about the Hub Max, which thoroughly impressed us in our review, having received 4.5/5 stars along with a Tech Advisor Recommended badge.

Head to Vodafone to get your free Nest Hub Max home broadband now. Also see our chart of the best smart displays of the year.