This is perhaps the strangest bundles we've seen, but we're not complaining. Now when you buy a TV and broadband deal from Virgin, you also get free bottles of Virgin Wine. 

Yep, it's come to that point of the lock-down, but again, we're not complaining. The offer ends 6 May. Head on over to Virgin to check out the promotion.

You can either pick up a case of eight bottles worth £113 when you choose the Big Bundle, Big Bundle + Drama, or Bigger Bundle packages. Though, if you don't want the wine with those plans, you can opt for a £50 bill credit instead (but let's not kid ourselves). 

If you want 16 bottles of wine – worth £245 – you'll have to opt for the Bigger Bundle + Movies package, which offers 213Mbps download speeds and over 240 channels, including Sky Cinema HD. You can opt for a £100 bill credit on this package if you prefer. The service costs £60 per month with a £35 set up fee.

The Big Bundle and Big Bundle + Drama offer average broadband speeds of 108Mbps – which is fast enough for streaming and entertainment. The Big Bundle is the cheapest plan of the lost at £29.99 per month for a year, reduced from £38 per month. There's a £35 set-up fee. 

You can compare all the plans and pricing highlights below or head on over to Virgin now to check out the offers directly

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Virgin TV & Broadband with free wine