Mobile Phones Direct often has strong bundle offers with its phones. Last week, we covered its iPhone SE 2020 deal with a free Apple Watch 3 bundle (which is still available). Now, spotlights are on the Galaxy A51, Samsung's mid-range handset, which comes with a free Xbox One S 1TB or Sony PS4 Solus console. Head to Mobile Phones Direct to check out its gaming bundle deals.

The A51 plan includes 160GB data per month, boosted from 60GB, for £35 per month and no upfront costs. Keep in mind it is a cashback offer, which means the monthly rate is typically £45 per month, but when you claim on month 6, 9, 12 and 15 of the contract you earn your money back, amounting to £240 off the total contract cost.

In terms of the phone itself, the Galaxy A51 is on the low end of the mid-range handset spectrum – so don't expect wonders in specs and performance. At £329 (SIM-free RRP) it is cheap, and will please Samsung fans who want a simple no-fuss handset.

In our review, we were impressed with its picture quality and sleek design but felt a slightly pricier Oppo Reno 2 or Google Pixel 3a offered more value for money. Now, Mobile Phones Direct's bundle with the PS4 or Xbox provides just that needed value boost to make the phone worth a buy.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy A51 with PS4 or Xbox from Mobile Phones Direct.