Earlier this month, Virgin both surprised and impressed us with broadband and TV bundles that included up to 16 bottles of wine. Now the provider is back with another bundle which includes a free Google Nest Hub smart display worth £119.

The Google Nest Hub smart display, which received 4/5 stars in our review and comes recommended by our editors, offers a compact design and helpful visual feedback to searches – something you don't get with audio-only smart speakers. The smart display, supported with Google Assistant (of course), is ideal for the kitchen or as a bedside aide for information on the weather or calendar engagements. It doesn't have a camera so you can't make video calls, but you can make audio calls via Duo. 

If you're after the Nest Hub alone, it's currently on offer at £69 from a number of retailers:

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Virgin's Nest Hub deal ends Thursday 28 May. As usual with Virgin broadband and TV bundle offers, customers can also opt for a bill credit if they prefer, with £50 credit available this time around. All broadband packages include free set up, which typically costs £35 upfront.

Plans start at £29.99 per month, which gets you the Big Bundle package with broadband speeds of 108Mbps and over 110 TV channels, including access to Netflix (for subscribers). The price is reduced from £38 per month.

If you want more channels and also enjoy watching crime shows and drama, there's the Big Bundle + Drama deal, which includes Sky One, Fox HD, Sky Witness, W, Alibi and over 140 other channels. This costs £35 per month, reduced from £38 per month.

For faster internet speeds and access to more premium HD channels check out the Bigger Bundle and Bigger Bundle + Movies packages, both of which include average speeds of 213Mbps. These plans are (unsurprisingly) pricier, at £45 per month and £60 per month, respectively.

The Bigger Bundle + Movies package includes 261 channels including Sky Cinema HD, Nickelodeon HD, Cartoon Network HD, and the Disney Channel (not Disney Plus) to name a few. You can see all the channels included in each package over at Virgin.

See summaries of each plan below, or head to Virgin to check out the offers yourself.

Virgin TV and broadband offers

Here are some of the TV channels included with each package:

Virgin broadband and TV offer channels