Virgin's latest flash offer includes a pair of B&O Beoplay H9 noise-cancelling headphones for free with select broadband, phone and TV bundles. The premium wireless headphones, which offer smart connectivity, retail for £450 directly from B&O, as well as from retailers like Amazon and John Lewis.

Alternatively, customers can opt for a £200 credit that will apply to the total monthly bill until the credit ends. The deal ends 9 September.

Customers can pick up the Bang & Olufsen headphones or credit discount with the Bigger Bundle + Sports or Ultimate Oomph package.

Both feature ultra-high broadband speeds of 213Mbps and 516Mbps, which should be more than enough for multi-member households with high broadband demands (for example, you're a family with 2 or 3 children, with members streaming from multiple devices at the same time from separate rooms).

Virgin's deal arrives just in time for the Premier League, which starts this weekend. Both plans include Sky Sports and BT Sports in 4K, of course. Read about Virgin TV 360.

As for prices, the Bigger + Sports bundle, which is cheaper of the two, costs £65 per month over 18 months (with a £35 set-up fee), while the Ultimate Oomph bundle costs at £79 per month (also with a £35 set up fee). The deals include hundreds of TV channels on top of the BT and Sky Sports channels, including Fox, ESPN, Sky Witness, and loads more which you can compare here.

The Ultimate Oomph bundle also includes an unlimited 4G SIM.

While the bundles might be on the pricier side if you're living on your own or in a small household, it's a great offer if you're already splitting broadband bills across household members (we're looking at you, students in house-shares!) – especially if you make the most of the £200 credit.

You'll just have to decide who gets to keep the headphones if that's what you opt for!

Head to Virgin to check out its flash deal now

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