If the current pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that a reliable internet connection is so important. And BT has come up with another new broadband package which aims to banish all Wi-Fi problems.

It calls it Halo 3+, and it works by combining a full fibre broadband connection with an EE mobile data connection – BT owns EE in case you didn’t know - that kicks in automatically if the broadband goes down for any reason, then switches back when the connection is restored.

It’s billing it as the ‘UK’s only unbreakable Wi-Fi connection’ which ‘redefines broadband reliability’. And it should be an attractive proposition for any families where parents are working from home and sharing a single internet connection with kids.

Halo 3+ works by using BT’s new Hybrid Connect box alongside the Smart Hub 2 router and Complete Wi-Fi, BT’s mesh Wi-Fi system.

The Hybrid Connect monitors your broadband connection and switches to the EE mobile connection if there’s any problem with it. Any devices connected to your home Wi-Fi shouldn’t notice the change so you can carry on your Zoom call none the wiser.

BT Halo 3+

BT says it’s the ideal service to switch to if you’re moving house as you can use the mobile connection while you wait for broadband to be connected. Similarly, if you’re switching from another broadband provider, Hybrid Connection again means everyone can get online as soon as it arrives in the post, which should be the next day so long as you’ve ordered before 3pm the previous one.

How much does BT Halo 3+ cost?

Last June BT announced Dedicated Connection, a second broadband line that could be used for work while everyone else in the house uses the regular broadband.

It wasn’t cheap at £59.99 per month, and that was on top of whatever you paid for your existing broadband.

Though Halo 3+ may sound expensive at £65.99 (for new customers) that does include a full fibre connection, if one is available in your area, which could be as fast as 900Mbps. It also means you get the mesh Wi-Fi discs to place strategically around your home to give you a fast connection everywhere.

Interestingly, existing BT customers can add Hybrid Connect to their broadband package for only £7 per month which sounds like an excellent deal.

Complete Wi-Fi is another bolt-on which is £10 per month.

If you go for the full Halo 3+ package you get extra benefits such as dedicated UK & Ireland customer service and double data for anyone in your household on BT Mobile. There’s also a six-month half-price offer on EE Mobile Smart plans.

BT’s Christian Thrane said, “With BT Halo 3+, we’re launching an innovative new category of home broadband that’s truly a first of its kind in the UK. We are combining the best fibre home broadband and wi-fi technology, backed up with our award-winning EE mobile network to become the only UK provider that offers customers an unbreakable wi-fi connection in the home."

“BT Halo 3+ offers a super reliable service with the best connectivity for all corners of the home, giving the whole family peace of mind they can work, homeschool or keep in touch with friends and family without interruptions.”

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