If you’re working from home and are worried about your bandwidth with multiple people in the house, then Vodafone may have the answer. The Vodafone Work and Play offers two broadband lines – one main one for gaming, streaming and browsing the net and an additional one dedicated entirely to home working.

Prices for a second line start from as little as £21 per month for existing Vodafone mobile pay monthly customers. With this you get 35Mbps Superfast Broadband with Vodafone Together. If you’re a brand new customer, prices start from £23 per month for speeds of 35Mbps, and £26 per month for 67Mbps.

This deal competes with BT's "Dedicated Connection" second line plan which launched 12 June. The service costs £59.99 per month for new customers and offers speeds of 67Mbps. If you're looking for a second line, BT has faster speeds, but Vodafone has the most competitive price for anyone looking to work from home without clogging up their Wi-Fi.

You can enquire about the Vodafone Work and Play broadband package by calling Vodafone customer services on 0333 3040 191.

If you purchase a second line, you’ll also receive a Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub and the ability to manage your internet via the Vodafone broadband app. You can check out all the latest Tech Advisor recommended deals here, as well as the best early Black Friday tech deals ahead of Autumn.

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