Skullcandy has extended its existing partnership with smart tracker company Tile with the Crusher Evo over-ear headphones that have a Tile tracker built into them.

Some of Skullcandy’s true wireless earbuds like the Sesh Evo already have this functionality, but the Crusher Evo are the first headphones to get the tracking treatment.

Having a Tile tracker embedded in your headphones is a feature you didn’t know you needed until you heard about it. The convenience of being able to use the free Tile app to register your headphones or earbuds and easily ping them to find them when you leave them behind the sofa is a nice-to-have perk that doesn’t drastically bump up the price of the product.

Thanks to the global Tile Network, you should hopefully be able to track your headphones down if you leave them on the train and they sail further away than Bluetooth range from you. The network lets you register an item as lost, and then lets every phone running the Tile app able to see it as lost if it’s near them and locate it anonymously.

Image: Skullcandy

The headphones themselves are fully over-ear, but lack the active noise cancellation you might want and can indeed find on the Crusher ANC. It might come down to which feature you value more.

The Crusher Evo are available now in black or grey from Skullcandy’s website for £149.99.