These enormous headphones are the biggest cans we've ever come across. The Sony XB700 noise-cancelling headphones require two hands to visually describe. Wearing them is like donning a pair of pillows.

The supremely soft Sony XB700s - the XB part denoting 'eXtra Bass' - have a "king-sized" ear cushion that is designed to evenly spread the pressure associated with wearing them, so you can listen in comfort to pounding backbeats for even longer. They weigh 295g, though they don't feel heavy to wear.

During our brief hands-on (or rather on-head) test at this week's Sony Christmas showcase event, we weren't wholly convinced by their noise-cancelling credentials. However, the Sony XB700 headphones certainly have the 'want one' factor in our book.

The technical details include a 50mm domed driver, 3-8,000Hz frequency response and 24Ohm impedence - the sort of stuff you want to know before handing over $199.