Earlier this year Sony introduced a new line of wireless earbuds in the innovative LinkBuds and it looks like we might be getting another model dubbed the LinkBuds S.

As with a lot of leaks, the information available right now via SnoopyTech is limited although in this case we at least get a great look at the wireless earbuds from various angles. Until more information is leaked, we can add some expert opinion and project what Sony might do with things like price and specs.

When will the LinkBuds S be released?

There’s no speculation about a release date for the LinkBuds S just yet. If Sony wants to announce them alongside the flagship over-ear WH-1000XM5 then they are likely to get a launch in August this year.

If not, they really could arrive at any time as they won’t warrant some kind of physical launch event.

These will be the WF-LSN900 going by model number which follows on from the WF-L900 for the LinkBuds.

How much will the LinkBuds S cost?

We can make a better estimate of the price considering the LinkBuds cost £149/US$179 and the WF-1000XM4 come in at £250/US$280.

Based on the leaks, the LinkBuds S lack the ring doughnut design of the original LinkBuds - but might have an alternative solution to ambient sound - and are closer to the XM4 look and shape, plus come with noise cancelling.

That would suggest a price in-between the two, although we’d predict closer to the LinkBuds than XM4. They may have to compete with the rumoured Google Pixel Buds Pro.

A slight spanner in the works here is the Sony WF-C500 which look similar and cost £65/US$99 so if Sony wants to sell the LinkBuds S at a temptingly low price with a smaller margin then between this and the LinkBuds price is possible.

What will the LinkBuds S specs be?

As you can see from the leaked images, the LinkBuds S look similar to some of Sony’s other models although oddly not the LinkBuds.

The mesh covering a hole sort of makes them a mashup of the original LinksBuds and XM4 earbuds, if that hole is to allow ambient sound straight through to your ear. It could also be for helping equalise air pressure.

Sony LinkBuds S wireless earbuds

What’s also clear is that the LinkBuds S have a proximity sensor in the same place as the WF-1000XM4 as well as three small contact points for charging.

Things like battery size, wireless charging (probably unlikely though the case looks like it has space) and waterproofing are unknown – though IPX4 at a minimum would be reasonable – but it is reported that the LinkBuds S will come with noise cancelling. This is something the LinkBuds do not offer.

Details are limited but SnoopyTech says the earbuds will “Seamlessly shift from ambient sound to advanced noise-canceling and enable automatic playback that learns from your behaviour” which sounds like a similar experience to the flagship XM4 earbuds.

Sony LinkBuds S case

It’s also clear that the headphones will come in three colours: black, white and gold. The Walkman Blog has images of the white colourway.

A big question is whether the LinkBuds S will have touch controls on the earbuds themselves or employ the Wide Area Tap of the LinkBuds which sees you tapping on your face and the earbuds sense the vibration.