After causing a bit of a stir with its new devices and compatibility issues, Sonos has introduced its Upgrade Program to reward long-time customers with discounts of up to 30%.

Sonos recently introduces its S2 operating system and app along with new speakers such as the Sonos Arc soundbar. However, it controversially doesn’t work with some older products. These were essentially going to be unusable until the firm made a u-turn on its decision.

Still, the older devices have to be kept as a separate system on the older app restricting users who have a mix of earlier and newer speakers. Check our round-up of the best Sonos speakers.

This Upgrade Program replaces the Trade Up offer which meant customers had to send old products in exchange. Now, you can keep them and still get a discount as follows with one discount per product and a larger amount for older devices:

  • 15% off any product - Connect:Amp (Gen 2), Connect (Gen 2), Play:1, Play:3, Play:5 (Gen 2), Playbar, and Playbase
  • 30% off any product - Connect:Amp (Gen 1), Connect (Gen 1), and Play:5 (Gen 1)
  • 30% off Boost - If you have Bridge

To use the Upgrade Program, users simply need to log into their account to see which products are available via the Upgrade section of My Account. Note that “Your Sonos products must be plugged in and connected to your system in order to be eligible”

Your credit will appear in the Offers section and you can use it straight away or save it since it won’t expire. More details can be found here. Also read about Sonos Radio HD.