Sonos, leading manufacturer of premium wireless speakers, has up to £250 off its speakers and home cinema sets in its Cyber Monday sale.

The offers last until Cyber Monday, on 2 December. Head to Sonos now to see all its Cyber Monday discounts.

We were particularly excited to find £50 off the Sonos One smart speaker which is now £149 (£199 RRP) - until we saw that Amazon is also offering a deal on it, and actually it's now better value, at just £148.

Sonos speakers are Wi-Fi connected and easily pair with other speakers on the same network and to your phone. Each speaker is assigned a zone or room; you can either assign different music within the different zones or have all the speakers play the same music in unison.

If you're not after setting up a connected music system in your home, you can of course create stereo pair with two Sonos speakers (currently with £100 off).

If you're budget-wary new devices, like the Sonos One SL, which is the cheapest in the range – and successor to the Play:1 – now has £40 off, bringing the price to £139. The One SL isn't a smart speaker like the Sonos One, but does offer excellent sound. In fact, we felt it was one of the best wireless speakers around in our review of the One SL. Amazon is now offering the One SL for £138.

If you're after some deep bass, also on offer is the Sonos Sub, which has £100 off knocking the £699 RRP to £599. Once again, you can also pick it up from Amazon for less at £565.

The biggest discount however is on the 5.1 Surround Sound set, which includes a Sonos Beam, Sub and One SL, and has £250 off (though it's still pricey at £1,206).

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