Skullcandy has long blended style and function with its products but has been lacking a wireless earbud option, but you will be glad to hear that all ends today. An FCC filing contains extensive details about the Skullcandy Push earbuds.

The leak contains a wide variety of information about the headphones, including the instruction manual no less.

The earbuds live up to their ‘Push’ name as a large button on their side can be used to perform a number of functions including to change volume, skip tracks or even activate a smart assistant.

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The headphones automatically turn on when they’re removed from the charging case (which appears to be over USB-C) and turn off when they’re put away.

There is no official word on some of the more pertinent questions such as battery life, a release date or cost – but considering how much information has appeared already, it wouldn’t be surprising if Skullcandy came out with a more official announcement in the very near future.