We first heard about Rockjaw headphones a few years back. It turned out that it was a British company designing innovative, great-sounding earbuds.

Even at full price, the Alfa Genus V2 is brilliant value: they sound fantastic and are a huge upgrade over the bundled earbuds which come with most phones.

Better still, their interchangeable tuning filters mean you can quickly and easily adjust the sound to your preference. The means you can boost bass, treble or get balanced ‘reference’ quality audio without having to resort to using the EQ settings on your phone (which is always a compromise).

When we reviewed them, we gave the Alfa Genus V2 a 4.5/5 rating.

Now, Amazon has knocked 40% off these earbuds, bringing the price down from £39.99 to just £23.96. That’s a great discount.

Alfa Genus V2 deal

There are actually two versions available, so if you need an inline microphone for phonecalls – or talking to Google Assistant or Siri – then the ‘With Mic’ pair is only a few pounds more at £26.56. That’s a 41% discount off the usual £44.95 price.

The deal is available right now and runs until 28 February for the non-mic set, and 4 March for the ‘with mic’ version.

You can also see the Alfa Genus V2 still sits at #4 in our roundup of the best budget headphones.