The Enco W51 will be the first in the series to deliver Active Noise-Cancellation, while the W31 and W11 that offer Electronic Noise Cancellation (ENC) and Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR), respectively. The W51 uses a triple microphone set-up with a "noise-reduction chip" and promises to block even the harshest of ambient sounds, including winds up to 25Km/h.

While the new Oppo Watch prices flirt with entry-level Apple Watch prices, the Oppo Enco W11, Enco W31, and Echo W51 remain competitively under £100.

The Enco W51 packs in wireless charging while staying aggressively below the £159.99 asking price of standard AirPods, which don't charge wirelessly or offer noise-cancellation. While it's impossible to compare the sounds until the device becomes available, superior audio would make it a prime contender for our best budget wireless earphones of 2020 chart.

Oppo Enco W51

The Enco W51 will be available in two colour variants: Floral White (above) and Starry Blue (below). 

The Enco W31 is available in black or white on Amazon for £69, while the Enco W11 which supports Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is priced even more modestly at £45, while promising a 20-hour battery life.

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Enco W51