Jabra has announced that its 75t range of wireless earbuds will be given active noise cancelling (ANC) via a software update. 

In what is a very rare move, possibly the first time for a pair of earbuds, owners of the 75t wireless earbuds are about to get a serious update. A free update in October will add noise cancelling tech. 

It doesn’t matter if you own the Elite Active 75t or non-Active model of the 75t, Jabra will give you the update via the Sound+ app. Those buying them new will also be able to benefit from the feature. 

Jabra said: “Taking advantage of the superior digital audio processor already available in Elite 75t and leading ANC know-how, Jabra has been able to deploy ANC in the existing product line.” 

The standard ANC applies to music and media playback and means noise cancellation on lower frequencies. 

Note that it’s different to the Advanced ANC found on the newly announced Jabra Elite 85t which is adjustable and also features a HearThrough mode. The 85t also have a different design. 

Still, the 75t have better IP55/IP57 dust and waterproof ratings and have a two-year warranty. Battery life with ANC switched on is 5.5 hours on a single charge (24 hours in total including the charging case) and 28 hours total with ANC off. 

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