Today, Honor is globally launching the Honor Earbuds 2 Lite. These Bluetooth 5.2 buds come with ANC (active noise cancellation), up to 32 hours of battery life and touch controls. 

The buds will go on sale on 7 August 2021 in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Finland, with prices starting from €69.90, which translates to around £58 in the UK. We'll be able to confirm official UK pricing once they hit shelves.

You'll be able to get your hands on the Earbuds 2 Lite through Honor's site and Amazon on this date - but if you can't wait they are now available from Ali Express.

These TWS (true wireless stereo) buds come in two colour options: Midnight Black and Glacier White, and have three sized ear tips to suit users' comfort levels. The design is remarkably similar to Apple's AirPods, with both buds weighing around 11g together, and the charging case weighing around 41g.

As well as ANC, the Earbuds 2 Lite feature an Awareness Mode. By long-pressing on either earbud, they can allow ambient sound through; letting you can hold a conversation or check more closely on your surroundings without having to take them out of your ears.

For voice calls, the Honor Earbuds 2 Lite feature Deep Neutral Network (DNN) and Dual Anti-Wind Technology to offer smooth and clear audio quality when using the microphones, even if you’re outside. The 10mm high-fidelity dynamic drivers aim to produce balanced and colourful sound, whilst automatic low-latency mode helps keep sound synchronised during gaming.

The Earbuds 2 Lite come equipped with 55mAh lithium-ion batteries, whilst the case comes with a 410mAh cell. You can charge both the case and buds to full juice in about an hour and a half.

Battery life will vary depending on factors like if you’ve got ANC enabled, if you’re taking voice calls and if you keep your buds in the case between uses, but Honor promises up to 32 hours of use, beating the likes of Apple's AirPods Pro, which promise a maximum 24-hours use per charge.

Also on the way from Honor is the Honor 50 phone series, which will see the long-awaited return of Google services on the international models.

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