Starting with audio, the £179 Pixel Buds now have a bass boost feature you can access from the settings as well as sharing detection. So, if you want to give one earbud to a mate, the Pixel Buds automatically recognise this so the touch control on each only adjusts the volume for that earbud. 

Attention Alerts is also a new experimental feature so the Pixel Buds will let you know if important things are happening around you. So, the volume will be lowered if the wireless earbuds detect things like a dog barking, a baby crying or an emergency vehicle siren. 

Find My Device now shows you where the Pixel Buds are rather than just hearing them. You’ll be able to see the last known location on a map even if they’re not connected to your phone. 

There are yet more upgrades as Google has added a new transcribe mode that “lets you follow along by reading the translated speech directly into your ear, helping you understand the gist of what’s being said during longer listening experiences.” 

It’s available for French, German, Italian and Spanish speakers to translate English speech to start. 

Furthermore, the Google Assistant is more helpful. You can ask for the touch controls to be switched on and off and you can ask for an update on battery life.