Google wanted to make a “more helpful pair of headphones”, and that’s exactly what it did. Not only can you listen to music with the Pixel Buds, but you can also gather a wealth of information without having to glance down at your phone.

In addition to good audio, these earbuds are easy to charge, offer instantaneous help from Google Assistant, and come equipped with features that separate them from the average wireless headphone.

Certainly hitting the mark as “smart” wireless headphones, see what the new Pixel Buds are all about.

When is the Pixel Buds release date?

The Pixel Buds will go on sale in November, and will be available in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, Australia and Singapore.

How much do Pixel Buds cost in the UK?

You can sign up to be notified for a pair of Pixel Buds from Google’s online store where they cost £159.

Pixel Buds features and specifications


According to Google, everything about the Buds are simple from their fit, charging capabilities and pairing.

A unique fabric loop enhances comfort and security while allowing adjustment without having to swap out pieces. The audio controls are located on the right earbud, eliminating the need for buttons on the cord - volume included. Simply swipe forward or backward to control audio level, and tap to play or pause music.

As far as storage and battery life, the Buds charge in a pocket-sized charging case. Not only are they easy to tuck away, but they also have a 24-hour battery life - though  as always this varies based on individual usage.

To pair your Pixel Buds with your smartphone, open the charging case near your Pixel of Android running Android 7.0 Nougat with the Assistant. You phone should automatically connect with the Buds.

Lastly, choose between Black, Clearly White, and Kinda Blue. If interested in a Pixel 2, these colours are exact matches to Google’s latest smartphone.

Google Assistant

Like having the Google search engine right to your ears, the Google Assistant feature allows users to receive immediate intel. Touch and hold the right earbud down, and you can ask your Assistant any question.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Your Assistant can also make a phone call, give you directions, alert you of calendar reminders and read your text messages - all without the need to look at your phone.

Google Translate

The most astonishing feature of the Pixel Buds is the ability to act as a real-time translator. Imagine how helpful this feature would be if you were abroad in a country where you didn’t speak the language.

Google Translate can translate between 40 different languages instantly, allowing you to communicate with a multitude of people around the world. The only downside is that users can only enjoy this feature with the Buds are paired with the Pixel 2.

To use, simply hold down the right earbud and say, “help me speak (language)”. As you speak, the Pixel phone speaker will read the translation out loud. When the receiving individual responds, you’ll hear the translation right through your Pixel Buds.

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