This Cyber Monday, John Lewis is offering further discounts off Google smart speakers and displays. The offer is 10% off Google smart speakers when you spend over £35, so you could buy two Nest Minis and claim the discount, or buy one Nest Audio or Nest Hub Max to qualify.

The gadgets are already discounted from their regular prices, and with free delivery on orders over £50, this is a great deal if you were planning to buy a Nest Audio or Hub Max.

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You get the 10% off by entering the code GOOGLE at the checkout. And – as you may already know – John Lewis offers a two-year warranty as standard, making this a better deal than buying the speakers from Google directly.

Here’s the breakdown of each deal.

  • Nest Audio – RRP £89.99 – reduced to £69.99, and just £62.10 after using 10% code.
  • Nest Hub Max – RRP £219 – reduced to £169, and £152.10 after using 10% code.
  • Nest Hub – RRP £79.99 – reduced to £59.99, and £53.99 after using 10% code.
  • Nest Mini – RRP £49.99 – reduced to £19. You need to buy two to get over the £35 minimum, and a pair costs £34.20 after using 10% code.

These are all great devices and you can read our reviews of the recently launched Nest Audio here, as well as reviews of the Nest Hub Max and Nest Hub.

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