As fully expected, Samsung has unveiled its latest pair of wireless earbuds. to rival the AirPods Pro and others. The Galaxy Buds Pro arrive with Intelligent ANC but can’t compete on battery life.

The major selling point for this latest pair of headphones from Samsung is the active noise cancelling (ANC) with the ability to block out 99% of the ambient sound around you but also do a lot more.

The Buds Pro allow users to adjust the level of noise cancelling and it can also work automatically with the Ambient Sound mode, which itself has four levels. The intelligent bit part kicks in when you, for example, have a conversation with someone.

They can temporarily switch to Ambient Sound and turn the music down when your voice is detected. The Buds Pro will then automatically switch back to ANC and your music once the conversation is over - you can choose whether this happens after 5-, 10- or 15 seconds.

While the Galaxy Buds Pro look impressive in this area as well as some others, like the dual-driver setup and Auto Switching for Galaxy devices, they can’t quite keep up with rivals on longevity.

Samsung says they can last for a total of 18 hours, which is short of the AirPods Pro as well as the Bose QC Earbuds and RHA TrueControl ANC.

The Galaxy Buds Pro will arrive on 29 January along with the Galaxy S21 range of phones, priced at £219.

Check out the full Galaxy Buds Pro details.