Prosser also reports the codename of ‘B515’ but more importantly a price of $349 which puts them in a similar ballpark to rivals such as the Sony WH-1000XM3 but $100 more than Microsoft’s Surface Headphones 2.

We, like many, thought the AirPods branding implied wireless earbuds but ‘Pod’ simply means music to Apple. This can be seen in previous products such as iPod.

The ‘Studio’ part somewhat overlaps with Beats Studio headphones (shown above), but Prosser says Apple’s plan is to “phase out Beats,” despite its huge popularity.

It’s thought that Apple will announce the AirPods Studio at WWDC in June.

The headphones will come with noise cancelling and a focus on customisability with features such as magnetic ear pads and headband paddings.

Two models will be available, one with a high-end leather finish and another with a lighter perforated fabric suitable for exercise.

If you’re wondering how the rumoured AirPods X (aka AirPods Pro Lite) fit into this, they are different headphones and are due to launch later this year - around September or October at $200. They will be sports focused wireless earbuds.