If you’ve been considering buying yourself a new coffee machine – or getting one as a Father's Day gift – and you’re looking for something to deliver fast, flavourful, fuss-free coffee, the Idola is a great option.

Ordinarily, the Idola is priced at £139, but right now there are deals aplenty on the appliance.

If you just want the coffee machine itself, its price has been slashed by retailers including Amazon, which is selling it for just £99, plus free delivery. That's almost 30% off. If you buy now (now being Friday), you can get it delivered on Monday. The colour options are red, black or greige (a horrible name for an appealing latte colour, as pictured).

Very is also selling it for £99, although you'll have to pay £3.99 for delivery. It's better value to pay just £1 more to buy it from AO.com, which also offers free delivery. 

But that's not your only deal option.

If you head to Lavazza, you can get the Idola in red or black (at full price), plus the free MilkEasy frother, which is available on other sites, including John Lewis, for £49.

The MilkEasy will froth and/or heat your milk, so it's a handy little accessory for making cappuccinos, lattes, milkshakes and iced coffees.


The Idola and the MilkEasy are a good pairing as the Idola doesn’t have an inbuilt milk frother and A Modo Mio capsules are coffee only (Nescafe Dolce Gusto, for example, also makes milk capsules). So the addition of the MilkEasy means you can make just about any coffee drink you fancy.

About the Idola

The Idola is a sleek pod coffee maker that delivers espressos and long black coffees. We rated it 4 out of 5 in our review, and particularly liked how quiet, fast and easy it is to use.

It’s compatible with Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules, which come in seven blends, including four espresso varieties, a long black and a decaf. You can buy a variety pack of 112 capsules for £35 on Amazon, which means that each cup of coffee will cost you 31p.

All Lavazza capsules are industrially compostable, which means you can chuck them in with your food waste if you get it picked up by the local council. This is a much easier option that many capsules, which either have to be returned to the manufacturer for recycling, or will end up on landfill. Sadly, however, you can't compost them at home.

Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules

We don't know how long the deals will last, so hurry if you're interested. And for more coffee machine options, have a look at our round-up of the best coffee machines we’ve tested.