Buy a Hoover from the brand’s own website or one of the participating retailers, and you’ll get a free steam cleaner with your purchase. There are eight vacuum cleaners included in the offer: four cordless stick cleaners and four corded upright cleaners.

Plus, you’ll get a discount of between £10 and £60 on your vacuum cleaner. This deal is available from the Hoover website and, Currys PC World and more until 11 May. To get the free steam cleaner, just buy one of the vacuum cleaners included in the deal and the steamer will be added automatically when you check out.

Save £40 on a Hoover H-FREE 500

One of the vacuum cleaners on offer is the Hoover H-FREE 500, which is available for £159.99, down from an RRP of £199.99. You can also get the deal on

The Hoover H-FREE 500 is one of our top-rated vacuum cleaners. When we reviewed it, we gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. At 2.2kg, it's an extremely light vacuum cleaner. It also transforms easily into a handheld cleaner and has a neat foldaway storage mode.

Hoover compact storage mode

The H-FREE 500 has a run time of up to 40 minutes (but that's in the lowest power mode). In standard mode, which is what you'll usually be using, you can expect to get 25 minutes of cleaning time. 

It also features LED headlights, to help you see better when you're cleaning in shadowy spots. (If you haven't used a vac with headlights before, they make a huge difference to visibility but you'll get an unpleasant surprise when you see how much dust and fluff is really in the dark corners of the room.)

Save £50 on a Hoover H-FREE 500 Energy

You can also save £50 on the Hoover H-FREE 500 Energy, which is on sale for £199.99, down from £249.99. It's the same model as the H-FREE 500 but the Energy edition comes with a second battery, so you can keep one charging and double your cleaning time. 

Free Hoover Steamjet Handy

The Hoover Steamjet Handy is a handheld steam cleaner, which retails for £49.99. It comes with a range of cleaning heads, so it can be used to get rid of dirt and limescale and as a chemical-free way to effectively disinfect surfaces.

Hoover Steamjet Handy

Steam cleaners are growing in popularity as, post-pandemic, people are seeking a quick way to sanitise clothes, countertops and other items. The Steamjet can also be used to de-crease and refresh garments, saving on dry cleaning bills. 

You can see the full range of vacuum cleaners included in the deal on the Hoover website.

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