QuickDrive, as the name suggests, optimises the washing cycle to make it faster and more energy efficient, finishing a cycle in 39 minutes. The drum and compressor have also been redesigned for efficiency.  

There are also some features designed to save time. The machine learns commonly used programmes and will suggest them via the display for one-touch programming. Meanwhile, sensors detect the weight of the load and its soilage, to decide on the correct volume of detergent and water to use. (So, the weight is easy to understand but what sensors does it use to measure how dirty the wash is? I thought this was interesting and have contacted Samsung to find out. I’ll update the article when I get an answer.)

The washing machine is also a connected appliance with smart functionality. Users can access a guide to find the best washing programmes for different items, use the app to schedule washes and receive notificationS when the cycle is complete.

The other product launched is the RB7300 fridge.

Samsung RB7300 fridge

In common with other brands, Samsung is concentrating its fridge freezer innovation on ways to keep foods fresh for longer. Food waste is a huge global problem, contributing to water waste in its production and methane emissions if it ends up in landfill. It’s also a big cash drain for families and individuals.

Beko, for example, has started fitting produce drawers with lights designed to replicate the natural daylight cycle (our article explains the science behind this tech). Samsung is focusing on temperature, with a drawer that can be split into two temperature zones, one ideal for storing meat and fish, the other for fruit and vegetables. It claims that splitting up food and storing it correctly can keep it fresh for twice as long.

The fridge also features Samsung’s All Around Cooling system, which monitors the interior temperature and blows cold air through multiple vents, creating multi-directional airflow that keeps all parts of the fridge equally cool.

It features a compressor that adjusts its speed based on cooling demands, to reduce wear and tear and make the appliance more durable.

Samsung RB7300 fridge

The fridge is also made with a new high-efficiency insulator to create more internal space while the exterior size of the fridge freezer cabinet remains the same.

We don't know prices yet but the new technology will be featured in Samsung’s Life Unstoppable event on 2 September, so we hope to have more information then.

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