The Bespoke Jet is Samsung’s just-released cordless vacuum cleaner. It’s a new model in Samsung’s range of Jet vacuums. But it's had a major redesign and has two stand-out features: it’s self-emptying and it’s available in a range of colours, just like Samsung’s Bespoke fridges.

It's now available to order in the US. Ordinarily priced at $899, you can currently buy it for $699, if you order now and opt for one of the colours that's discounted: Midnight Blue or Woody Green. But there's more.

Enter the code BESPOKEJETRESERVE22 in the checkout and you'll get a further $100 off. We don't know how long this offer will last, so don't wait if you're interested.

You won't get your vacuum cleaner right away, however. When you'll receive it depends on the colourway you choose. Buy it in Woody Green and you'll get it by 26 May. Opt for Midnight Blue and it'll arrive by 3 June.

The Misty White model is currently still full price. 

What does the Bespoke Jet cost?

The price for the Bespoke Jet in the US is $899. However, there's currently a pre-order deal on, allowing you to buy for $699 - and even get another $100 off on top of that.

In the UK, there are three tiers of prices for the Bespoke Jet:

The Bespoke Jet Pro Extra is priced at £849. At the time of writing, it's only available in Midnight Blue.

The Bespoke Jet Complete Extra is priced at £799. You can buy it in Woody Green.

The Bespoke Jet Complete costs £629. It's currently available in Misty White.

There's also a Bespoke Jet Pet model, but it does not yet have a price.

Bespoke Jet in blue

When will be Bespoke Jet be released?

In a global press release written out of Korea in May 2021, it was announced: “The new Bespoke Jet™ will be available in three colors and launches in U.S., Europe, CIS and Southeast Asia in the second half of 2021.”

However, various worldwide supply chain issues slowed the launches. But it's now available in the US and in the UK, although colour options are limited. 

What are the Bespoke Jet’s features?

The Bespoke Jet’s key feature is that it is self-emptying. When you return it back to its base to charge, the dock will automatically empty the vac via suction. The dirt and dust is stored in a bag in the dock, which needs to be changed much less often - perhaps monthly.

This transforms a bagless cleaner into a bagged system, which will benefit people who suffer from a sensitivity to dust or a related allergy. As there's no emptying into your kitchen bin, there's no dust cloud in the face, and you'll never have to poke around in your vacuum cleaner’s bin to dislodge fluff and rubbish. It does, however, mean that you’ll have to invest in bags for the dock.

Essentially, the Bespoke Jet is an upgrade to the Jet 90 cordless vacuum cleaner, which can be bought in conjunction with Samsung’s Clean Station (a vacuum bin). When you’ve finished a clean, you pop out the full bin, stick it into the top of the Clean Station, and it'll be emptied via suction.

The Bespoke will fulfil the same function but it's eliminated some of the steps and streamlined the process into one automatic action when it's docked.

The Bespoke Jet will also be lighter than the Jet 90, have more powerful suction and a redesigned grip for greater comfort.

Bespoke Jet in white

Another key feature is its LCD screen, which will display information on battery life, troubleshooting and suction level.

It also has a multi-layer filtration system to prevent small dust particles from being blown back out into the air. 

What colours will the Bespoke Jet be available in?

Samsung’s Bespoke home appliance ranges were inspired by the not-incredibly-wild idea that appliances are visible in our homes, we look at them everyday and it might be nice to give customers an option where colour schemes are concerned.

Samsung Bespoke Jet colour options

In Korea, the Bespoke Jet is available in four colourways (blue, green, white and yellow) across several different models. However, only the blue, white and green models will be made available in the US and Europe.

We'll update this article as more information becomes available. In the meantime, to see what we thought of the Samsung Jet 90 cordless vacuum cleaner and the Clean Station, check out our reviews. Or for more vacuum cleaner options, have a look at our round-up of the best vacuum cleaners we’ve tested.