Users of NEFF's connected service can sign up to ckbk and choose from 2,000 NEFF-friendly recipes. If they select one of these, cooking directions - time, temperature and cooking method - will be sent directly to the user’s NEFF oven.

NEFF & ckbk

Although we can’t say that turning the dials on the oven is the most onerous part of cooking, this does have the potential to obviate the kind of kitchen disasters that come with failing to switch on the oven in the first place, switching on the grill instead, or forgetting to set a timer and winding up with a charred briquette garnished with smoke-filled kitchen for dinner. (Still, I am waiting for the app that peels the spuds for me, because that is a job I'd like to outsource.)

NEFF will give customers who buy a connected N 90 oven a free three-month ckbk trial. Users will get another three months free once their oven is synced with the Home Connect app.

ckbk plans to expand the number of Home Connect-friendly recipes but NEFF users will also be able to access the full library of 85,000 recipes. ckbk allows users to read books from feted modern and Michelin-starred chefs from around the world, as well as beloved cooking resources including The Oxford Companion to Food. A search for legendary chef Auguste Escoffier, for instance, brings up his Le Guide Culinaire as well as 326 related books and almost 5,000 recipes. 

You can search ckbk for recipes, ingredients, style of dish, country of origin, technique, occasion and more. Search for sushi any you'll be presented with 115 recipes and 22 reference books. A search for Nobu brings up two of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s books, a number of recipes including his famous Black Cod with Miso, and related recipes from Heston Blumenthal and Pascal Barbot.

It has also made me very hungry.

You can check out NEFF's oven range on its website and see what ckck has to offer at