If you’re anything like me, while you’ve been working from home you’ve found yourself checking the contents of your fridge every hour or so. Maybe you’re taking a break from work, or looking for inspiration, or hoping that someone else has quietly filled the fridge with snacks. (Why doesn’t that ever happen?)

In any case, every time you open the fridge door and lean on it, re-evaluating the unchanged fridge contents, you’re effectively raising your electricity bill by a tiny fraction.

It’s hard to get an accurate estimate of how much of your fridge’s running costs come from leaving the door open. The following figures are offered with the caveat that they are several years old, and fridges are now built to be more energy efficient.

Still according to an often-quoted figure from the publication Home Energy Magazine, 7% of your fridge’s electricity use is accounted for in this way.

A 2009 study by the University of Bath suggests that it may be more, with a family’s use of a fridge charted and user related losses in electricity (from leaving the fridge door open) accounting for 0.248 kWh per day. The average cost of energy per day in the UK is about 14.37p per kWh, so this is about 3.5p per day, or £13 per year.

Interestingly, this same study posits that a company could create a fridge with a glass door to minimise this wastage.

InstaView door

LG’s range of InstaView Door-in-Door fridges does just that. It's really two forms of tech together. There's a glass panel that, when knocked on twice, illuminates to let you see into an easy access compartment that you can fill with your most-reached-for snacks.

So you can browse without opening the door. And if you see something snack-worthy, the door-in-door function lets you open a smaller aperture, meaning that less of the cold air escapes.

LG also makes fridges with the smaller inset door, without the InstaView pane, like the LG JS961PZVV, which is available from AO.com for £1,229.

LG is not claiming that its tech will save you money, but the company does contend it'll help keep food fresher for longer. However, if tech like this became the norm, it's the sort of small, incremental change that could help us all to conserve energy.

InstaView fridge

LG has several fridge freezers in the InstaView Door-in-Door range, including the LG GSX961MCCZ American-style smart fridge freezer. It's a smart fridge freezer, with a crushed and cubed ice maker. We tested it and think it's fantastic. You can find out more about it in our review.

It’s available from Currys PC World for £1,799.99. Other stockists of the appliance include John Lewis and Amazon.

If you're worried about whether your fridge needs to be replaced, read our guide. Or to see the competition and find out how the InstaView measures up, check out our round up of the best fridges we've tested.