Hoover has launched a range of new bagless corded vacuum cleaners and if you buy direct from the brand's website, you can get one for 25% off. 

According to Hoover, the UK vacuum cleaner market is split 50%-50% between corded and cordless vacuum cleaners. While Dyson is dominating in the cordless area, Hoover has cannily chosen to invest in its corded offering.

So, what makes the Upright 300 series different?

Hoover has designed the Upright 300 to be its lightest and easiest to use cleaner. It's engineered to be manoeuvrable, with swivel steering and an ergonomic loop handle with a soft grip for more comfortable use.  

There are three models in the new Upright 300 range: the Pet, the Home and the XL. All three weigh 5kg, over a kilo less than the older Upright 500.

Although 5kg isn’t as light as your average cordless, it's very good for an upright, which bears its own weight while cleaning. It'll feel light while you're cleaning and easy enough to carry when you need to transport it. And there's a useful little handle for when you need to do that.

Hoover 300 carry handle

The new vacuum cleaner range also has cyclonic technology, so there won’t be any loss of suction as the bin fills. The cleaners are fitted with a HEPA filter, making them suitable for users with allergies and a dust sensitivity.

But bear in mind that, in spite of the easy-empty bin, as it's a bagless system it will introduce a small amount of dust back into the air when you empty it. Still, at 1.5 litres, you won't have to empty it as often as you would the smaller bins on most cordless cleaners. For reference, the Dyson V11 has a 0.75 litre bin.

It's good for both hard floors and carpets, with an on/off brush bar to swap between the two. And, for cleaning awkward areas, you can pop out the hose and use it manually.

Hoover 300 accessories

Get the Hoover Upright 300 for 25% off

If you visit Hoover's website, you can buy the standard HU300 in red for only £139.99, down from £189.99. That's a saving of £50 or 26%.

If you have pets and need some extra help vacuuming up fur, you can buy the HU300 Pets model, in either red or blue, for £149.99, down from £199.99. This model also includes a turbo brush attachment, for removing hair from upholstery and carpets. 

Turbo brush attachment

We'll be reviewing the Hoover Upright 300 soon but in the meantime, to see which vacuum cleaners we recommend, have a look at our round-up of the best vacuum cleaners we've tested.