Hoover is launching a new range of washer dryers and dryers, the H-WASH and H-DRY series. They're connected appliances, with smart features users can access via the hOn app.

There are 39 washing machines in the line, with capacity ranging from 8-14 kg – that means the washing machines can take from 40 to 70 t-shirts in a load, depending on their size.

There are also 13 washer-dryers, with capacity ranging from 9+6kg to 14+9kg. The final two machines in the range are 10kg heat pump tumble dryers.

The key appliances are the H-WASH 500 and the H-DRY 500.

H-WASH 500

The H-WASH 500 has a number of special features, some of which depend on its connectivity. Users download and sign up to the hOn app, which is used by all smart Haier family appliances, including those from Candy and Hoover.

hOn won a Red Dot design award for brands and communication, so it should be easy to use. The app allows the appliance to be operated remotely and will offer live diagnostics. There are also additional smart features. 

One of these is Scan to Care. The user scans a garment's label and the app decodes the washing instruction symbols. Labels can be sorted and stored in a 'virtual wardrobe'. This means that you can cut out itchy labels while retaining the care instructions exactly where you need them.

Scan to care

Alternatively, you can take a picture of your clothing and the app will suggest the best washing programme for it.

There are also a number of features that allow the machine to intelligently adjust water volume, energy consumption, cycle length and detergent dose, depending on the type and volume of laundry you've loaded.

This means that the machine is always running as economically as possible and it'll help to maximise the lifespan of your clothes and the machine itself by ensuring that you never add too much detergent.   

The H-WASH 500 also has an eco power inverter motor for quiet, efficient operation.

H-WASH 500

Right now, you can buy the 9kg H-WASH 500 washing machine from Currys for £319.99 (saving £20). A 9kg load has space for approximately 45 t-shirts. 

The 10kg H-WASH 500 in graphite is also available from Currys for £349.99 (that's £40 off). A 10kg capacity equates to a 50 t-shirt load.

Both of these models have a steam function, to take some of the creases out of your load and make ironing easier. 

H-DRY 500

The H-DRY 500 dryer is also connected, so it can offer the same live diagnostics, remote operation and smart features, including Label Scan and Virtual Wardrobe.

It has a Sensor Dry function, which stops the cycle when the load is dry. It also has an Active Dry feature, which allows you to quickly refresh clothing instead of giving it a full wash.

The machine also has a heat pump, which means it's more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run than a conventional tumble dryer.

The H-DRY 500 is not yet widely available but there's one for sale on Crampton & Moore for £439.99.

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