The UK government is currently allowing residents to leave their homes once a day for exercise, provided they maintain social-distancing measures. But as the weather warms up and public spaces become worryingly crowded, it's natural to be concerned about our health and safety when venturing outside, and also for how long much longer we will continue to be allowed this permission.

Exercise is a useful way to while away lockdown, providing clear mental and physical benefits. It can restore a sense of control in an increasingly crazy world, and it's also ideal when you're attempting to both occupy and tire out the kids. Provided we don't overdo it, regular exercise can also help to stimulate and strengthen our immune system. 

However, for some people the short amount of time we are allowed to exercise is simply not enough; for others, they'd rather maintain their health and fitness without the risk the outside world currently poses. As such, sales of home exercising equipment is rocketing.

Below we've listed some examples of where in the UK you can simply and easily purchase home-exercising equipment. As with all other retailers, the sites we recommend are all offering contactless delivery to protect both you and the delivery drivers.

Home Exercise Trampoline

Where to buy a trampoline in the UK

Now the weather is getting better, there are few better ways to keep children entertained and active than a trampoline - who doesn't like bouncing around in the sun? Space is naturally an issue here, though it is possible to buy trampolines in all sizes - from under 6ft right up to 14ft.

For a super-small trampoline used for fitness we like this £69.99 FA Sports trampoline from Amazon. Without an enclosure it's not ideal for kids, but bouncers are available for toddlers, such as this £30 Chad Valley model.

Argos, Very, WayFair and ASDA are among those with trampolines in stock right now, while John Lewis is expecting more stock from 11 April.

If you'd rather stay a little closer to the ground, inground trampolines such as this Etan model are also available.

Home Exercise Bike

Where to buy an exercise bike in the UK

Ideal for cardio workouts, exercise bikes can help burn calories, strengthen and tone muscles and improve stamina. They are relatively low-impact on your joints, which can make them a popular choice with older people or those with exercise-restricting health concerns.

However, it's evident when you try to buy an exercise bike online just how popular they are right now. John Lewis is completely out of stock, while Argos has limited stock on a range of exercise bikes starting from just £59.99, with availability dependent on where you live.

Over on Amazon plenty of exercise bikes are listed, but few are available to deliver in the near future. Decathlon is another place to try, though it is limiting the number of orders it is able to process, while Fitness Superstore is offering delivery within 30 days.

JTX Fitness is currently offering a big sale on its home-exercising equipment, which includes not only exercise bikes but also crosstrainers, treadmills, rowing machines, weights and more. There's free home delivery within 10 days, a 28-day return policy, and finance is available. Unfortunately, the cheapest option - the JTX Cyclo-3 - is currently out of stock, but you can still pick up the Cyclo-6 for £529 (down from £899).

Of course, the one exercise bike everyone has heard of is the Peloton, but these are significantly more expensive, with the Basic package starting at £1,990, and all bikes requiring a £39/month All Access membership. This opens up live-streamed and on-demand Peloton classes, performance tracking and user profiles. Peloton is currently looking at a 4-6 week delivery timeframe.

If space is an issue when it comes to choosing an exercise bike, you may be interested in so-called mini exercise bikes. These are exercise bikes like any other, but they come without the seat - you can use whatever chair you have to hand in its place. Argos has limited stock in some areas, with the Opti Mini Bike at £39.99 and the Reviber Mini Motorised Electric Bike at £79.99.

We like the look of the £169 DeskCycle2 at Amazon, which is available with Prime Delivery, but cheaper options are also available.

Home Exercise Treadmill

Where to buy a treadmill in the UK

Treadmills don't have to be used for fast-paced running or long-distance jogs, they are also useful for slower-paced walking, on both flat and upright terrains. When you can't easily get out the house to go for a walk, or are concerned about going too far from home and being able to get back, they are a great tool for getting your daily exercise.

The sheer inability to get hold of a treadmill right now is likely due to both logistical issues (thanks to their bulk and weight) and lack of stock, with so many retailers unable to deliver before May. This is true of many treadmills you'll find on Amazon, for example, while John Lewis is simply saying all its models are currently unavailable.

As above, JTX Fitness is offering a sale of treadmills in the UK, but its cheapest currently available model is still an extravagant £1,499 (down from £1,999). Argos has some significantly cheaper options, but is suffering the same availability issues.

Sweatband is another stockist of treadmills in the UK, and claims its cheapest £799 model will be back in stock from 24 April, available to pre-order now. In the meantime, the NordicTrack T8.5S, NordicTrack S50 and NordicTrack X9I Incline Trainer are all available.

Other places to try include Fitness Superstore and Powerhouse Fitness

Where to buy a rowing machine in the UK

For all the difficulties you might be having in finding an exercise bike or treadmill, you should never overlook the humble rowing machine. These are ideal for targeting multiple muscle groups in your body, and they tend to be significantly cheaper. Some will even fold up and pack away if you are concerned about space.

As with all home-exercising equipment, both pro and budget modes are available, and you'll find a variety of mechanisms including air, water, magnets and hydraulics.

JTX is offering a great deal on its Ignite Air Indoor Rower, down from £860 to £649. A cheaper option is the £499 NordicTrack RX800 Folding Rowing Machine at John Lewis.

Don't forget Argos for some of the best-value options where stock is available in your area. We like this £89.99 hydraulic model from Opti.

The BlueFin Blade is a steal, discounted at Amazon to £314.91, while the retailer also has more stock of its best-selling Body Sculpture BR3010 (just £105.52) on the way.

Where to buy weighted dumbbells in the UK

Dumbbells are probably the cheapest and easiest home-exercising equipment to buy online, available from a range of stockists including Amazon, Argos and Decathlon, but they are also the easiest thing to get wrong.

Lifting weights that are too heavy for you will likely result in injury and burnout. Start light and add extra weight as you build your muscles - you'll be surprised by how quickly you see progress.

Where to buy skipping ropes in the UK

Failing all else, a skipping rope is an affordable, lightweight, easy-to-store and easy-to-find bit of kit for keeping fit at home. 

Amazon's bestseller is this £4.99 RDX rope (+ £3.79 delivery), but both this child-friendly £7.99 Jump Rope and £6.99 ONEX rope both come with free Amazon Prime delivery.

You'll also find skipping ropes in stock at Sports Direct and Decathlon.

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