If you've been mulling over investing in a new coffee machine, now is a good time to do it. Head over to the Lavazza website and subscribe to its coffee pod delivery service and you can choose one of its espresso makers for just £1.

And if you have your eye on the new Lavazza Voicy, you can get it for £50 – a fifth of its usual price.

Here’s how the coffee capsule subscription service works.

Choose your coffee machine

Visit the Lavazza website and the first step is to choose the capsule coffee machine you’d like. There are seven options, including the Smeg Lavazza collaboration: the beautiful Lavazza A Modo Mio Smeg, which usually costs £199 and which is yours for £1, plus the subscription.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Smeg

Our other top picks among the machines on offer would be the Desea and, of course, the Voicy.

The Desea is one of Tech Advisor's top-rated coffee machines. It usually retails for £199, so getting it for £1 is a significant discount. We gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars in our review. It’s a quiet, one-touch coffee maker with four coffee options and five milk recipes, thanks to its inbuilt milk frother. It comes with a compatible glass coffee cup.

Lavazza Desea

The Voicy is a smart coffee maker. Unlike the Desea, it doesn't have milk options, so it's espresso only. But its point of difference from other compact pod espresso machines is that it incorporates an Amazon Echo device – speaker and all – into its build.

Lavazza Voicy

Even if you're not wowed by the idea of hands-free coffee making (you'll still have to slot in the coffee pod and make sure the water reservoir is full, after all), it's a pretty useful way of finding a spot for an Echo on your kitchen counter and getting some tunes to accompany your breakfast routine. You can find out more about the Voicy in our hands-on (or maybe hands-free) review

Choose your subscription

Once you've decided on your machine, the next step is to choose your capsules. The offer requires that you buy ten packs of capsules for a minimum of nine deliveries but you can take them every two, four, eight or twelve weeks. The minimum order each time will cost about £45.

If that seems like a big investment in coffee, it works out at about 28p per cup. And don't forget that if you buy any pod coffee machine, you're obliged to keep buying compatible capsules. Lavazza blends have the advantage of being some of the best available.

There are seven varieties of coffee capsules to choose from, including organic and decaffeinated. The capsules are industrially compostable, which means you can discard them in your food waste collection and they’ll be broken down and biodegrade.

You can’t compost them at home but you can send them back to be recycled if you prefer, or if your council doesn't have a food waste collection.

Lavazza pods

Visit the Lavazza site to get started. For more coffee machine options, check out our round-up of the best coffee machines we've tested.