The Clean Station is a suction bin compatible with the Samsung Jet Pet Edition and Pro. Ordinarily, it costs £199, but right now you can get one free when you buy a compatible cordless vacuum cleaner from the Samsung website.

To get the deal, buy the Jet 90 Pet edition or the Jet 90 Pro and the Clean Station will automatically be added to your basket at the checkout. Plus, buy now and you'll get £40 off the Pet edition or £50 off the Pro. It's a big saving.

We don't know how long the deal will last, so don't hang around if you're interested.

Bagless vacuum cleaners are currently dominating the market but they aren’t the best option for people with hayfever, allergies to pet hair and the like, or those who have a sensitivity to dust.

The reason for this is that, no matter how efficient their HEPA filter, when you empty the vac into your kitchen bin, you’re still going to get a face full of dust and very probably have to mess around getting wedged bits of fluff out of the filter.

This leaves people who prefer a bagged vacuum cleaner with fewer options when it comes to the latest stick or handheld vacuum cleaners (although the fantastic little Halo Capsule is a solid option if you have a flat or smaller home).

But, if you buy a compatible Samsung vacuum cleaner, you can get a Clean Station and turn your bagless vac into a bagged system. The Clean Station only needs emptying every month or so (depending on how often you use it) and because it has vacuum suction, pulls the dust out of the vacuum cleaner filter. It's much more efficient than just dumping it into the bin. That means no more manually cleaning the filter.

The vacuum cleaner options are the Jet 90 Pet, which is discounted from £549 to £509, or the Jet 90 Pro, which is discounted to £549, from £599.

The difference between the two is that the Pro comes with a spinning mop head. We think this is the most effective vacuum cleaner mop we've tested. It's actually more effective than mopping by hand, which is not usually the case for these kind of attachments.

All the Jet Pro attachments

Samsung’s Jet 90 is one of the best vacuum cleaners we’ve tested. It’s light (2.8kg), powerful and has a removable battery. It also comes with a wealth of great attachments, including a telescoping wand and a joint that allows you to bend the cleaning head 90 degrees to vac the top of shelves and cupboards.  

To get a bit more detail, you can check out our review of the Jet 90. You can also see what we thought of the Clean Station.

If you already have a compatible vac, you can buy the Clean Station separately from Samsung, for £199.

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