Amazon has an excellent deal today on the Oral-B 6500 electric toothbrush. It's available for £59.99.

When we reviewed it last year, it was on sale at its RRP of £229.99. While the RRP is much higher than the amount you should pay for it now, Amazon's deal price is still £25 lower than any other price we've seen recently. So this is a really solid saving.

The great benefit of app-connected brushes is the feedback they provide. While you might not end up using the app every day for the rest of your life, if you need to overhaul your brushing technique, it’s an excellent short-term tool.

A lot of its positive effect on dental health comes from the increased awareness of brushing technique. When it comes to a daily task like brushing, it’s easy to do it on autopilot and fall into bad habits such as neglecting certain areas of your mouth, not brushing for long enough or pressing too hard on your gums or teeth.

Many of us will have missed a dentist’s visit or two over the last few months, so spending some time focusing on dental care is no bad thing.

The app-connected 6500 will give you brushing guidance in real time, while the brush itself has five cleaning modes, including gum care, whitening and a sensitive setting. It also has a pressure sensor that lights up red when you’re pressing too hard and a timer to let you know when you’ve brushed for long enough.

Oral-B app

The brush has a lithium-ion battery that should last for two weeks and comes with a two-pin shaving socket charging plug. It'll be compatible with all Oral-B toothbrush heads.

In the box, you’ll also get three replacement cross-action heads, a smart timer and a travel case.

You can also get replacement brush heads in Amazon's sale. You can check out the sale page here

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