George Foreman grills have become a bit of a small appliance phenomenon since their launch in 1994, with over 100 million sold worldwide. The grill was developed to offer a flip-free cooking system (as it grilled meat on both sides).

As anyone who’s ever used a toasted sandwich maker can tell you, that isn’t exactly a revolution. But, while the classic toastie maker locks in cheese, a George Foreman grill is designed to do the opposite – the cooking area is slanted and there's a collection reservoir, so that fat runs off the grilled meat. This gives it an edge in terms of healthy eating. It will significantly reduce the fat content of the meat you grill, when compared to cooking it under the grill in your oven.

George Foreman grill in copper

Once you factor in their evolving design, the fact that they’re quick to use and that they're easy to clean, these grills are useful tool if you want to make a positive change to your diet.

So much of eating well comes down to making the healthy option the easiest option and then turning that into a routine: it can be as simple as getting used to sticking a few strips of bacon onto the grill instead of into a frying pan.    

The Fit Grill has a few nice updates including an improved non-stick coating. It also heats up more quickly than the previous generation of grills. In terms of design, it has a removable, clip-on drip tray and a floating hinge so you can grill larger cuts of meat and wraps more evenly.

It’s also narrower and – and this is what I really like about it – you can store it upright. Grills and toasted sandwich makers tend to be a huge pain to store as they have quite a large footprint. That means leaving them out on the counter or stacking stuff on them in a cupboard. Not any more. The fit grill can be slotted into a cupboard or left on the counter, where it will take up very little space.

Three sizes of Fit Grill

The Fit Grill is available in three sizes. In the classic colour combination (not copper), they are available from the George Foreman site at £21.99 for the small size (25.6 x 19.3 x 7.7cm), £39.99 for the medium (27.5 x 33.3 x 7.7 cm) and £59.99 for the large size (32.8 x 43.1 x 8.2 cm). All come with a three-year guarantee.

Right now, there are slightly better prices for two sizes on Amazon UK, where you can buy the medium for £37.96 and the large for £53

The new colourway will be on sale in the UK soon, at a slightly higher price point. In the US, George Foreman copper grills are exclusively available from Walmart