For a limited time, Amazon has slashed the price of one of our best-reviewed robot vacuum cleaners by 30% in its Spring Sale.

You can buy it now from Amazon in the UK for £349.98. Amazon is suggesting that the RRP is £589.98 but in reality, you can usually buy it for £499.98.

When we reviewed it, we gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Here are some of its best features.

The Ozmo 920 is controlled via a free to download and use app, which allows you to schedule cleaning and perform other advanced tasks. You can use voice commands for day-to-day functioning as it's also Alexa-compatible.

It uses Lidar to scan and map your home. This means that you can easily set up exclusion zones and areas for custom cleaning, making it much simpler to plan a clean as you don't have to tidy up first. Just open the app and use a drag-and-drop style feature on the map of your home and the robot vac will then avoid the pile of wires by your desk or your bedroom floordrobe. 

It has solid climbing power, meaning that it can cross a raised threshold or trundle over a wire without getting caught up. 

There's a separate brush head for deep pile carpet and it does a solid job at picking up everything from crumbs to pet hair. It has 1,200 Pa suction, which is pretty good, and it's effective on both hard flooring and carpet. It also has an inbuilt mop, which is easy to use.

Full disclosure here: we're not wildly impressed with the mopping function on this, or most combined robot cleaners. They're just not as effective as mopping a floor yourself. However, the Ozmo 920 does as good a job at mopping as most vacs.

It has a battery life of 110 minutes, which is comfortably enough to clean an entire flat or one floor of a house. It's quiet, too, at 66db, so you won't have to escape the room while it's vacuuming.

Buy it now on Amazon. The deal is on until 31 March. to see all the best deals on tech available today, check out our deals round-up.

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