Ecovacs has announced additions to its T8 line of cleaning robots for a European and UK launch, plus some fresh features and accessories.

The first release will be the Deebot Ozmo T8. It follows on from the launch of the T8 AIVI in March, and uses the same TrueDetect technology that can identify and avoid a number of common household objects including shoes, socks, cables and chairs.

If there’s a toy on the floor, the Ozmo T8 will navigate around it, rather than blundering into it and getting it snarled up in its insides.

It also features TrueMapping, which allows users to schedule room by room cleaning, with customised frequency, suction and water flow for each area.

And while it's equipped with the standard Ozmo mopping system, it's compatible with a brand new add-on: the Pro mopping system that uses high frequency vibrations for more powerful cleaning and a super-charged mopping mode for improved effectiveness.

The Deebot Ozmo T8 (like the T8 AIVI) is also compatible with a new accessory – the Auto-Empty Station. This replaces the standard dock and when the Deebot returns home, it’ll empty its bin into the station, which can hold a month’s worth of dirt and debris.

The Ozmo T8's European price is still to be confirmed.

There are more robot releases lined up for the near future. The Deebot U2 Pro is on the roster. It's an entry-level model with fewer bells and whistles but with a focus on quality cleaning. It's already available from Amazon in the US for $349.99.

The Atmobot also got a mention. It's an air quality monitor and purifier with a difference: it moves around your home, cleaning the air room by room. It was first announced at CES in early 2019 but has not yet become available to buy in Europe or the UK. There's not yet a price or European release date but we presume that the tech will have had some upgrades since the first model was shown to journalists. 

There will also be a new Winbot. As the name suggests, it's a cordless, automatic window cleaner that sticks to your window and navigates around. The Winbot X is already available to buy for £499 on Amazon UK, and it's not entirely clear what new functionality the updated Winbot will feature.

Models will become available in different regions at different times. We'll update when we have more information on prices and launch dates for each device.