The Dyson V15 Detect represents a fresh approach to cleaning, with some all-new tech to seek out, capture and - for the first time - catalogue dust. The latest iteration in the V-series of cordless cleaners features similar specs and design to the V11 but adds a laser, acoustic dust detection and new anti-hair wrap cleaning heads to its repertoire.

To see what it's like to use, you can read our hands-on review

When is the Dyson V15 Detect release date?

The V15 Detect is already available to buy from Dyson in the US and Dyson in the UK.

A Gizmodo article confirmed that the V15 Detect will launch in Australia on 27 May. It’ll be available to buy from Dyson Australia. As yet, there is no release date for India.

What’s the Dyson V15 Detect’s price?

In the US, the V15 Detect is priced at $699.99. It's only available in a 'yellow and iron' colourway and comes with $75 of free additional cleaning tools.

Buyers have the option of a furniture detail kit, which includes a tool bag, an up-top adaptor and a mattress tool, or a carry and clean kit, which includes a tool bag, extension hose and a stubborn dirt brush.

In the UK, the V15 Detect costs £599, just like the V11 Absolute.

V15 Detect iron and yellow colourway

In Australia, according to Gizmodo, there will be two editions going on sale. The V15 Detect Total Clean will cost AUD 1,399 and the V15 Detect Absolute Extra will cost AUD 1,469.

From what we've come to expect of Dyson’s editions, the Absolute Extra will come with more attachments than the Total Clean, although it's possible that the latter will have an attachment that doesn’t come with the Absolute.

What are the V15 Detect’s features?

The V15 Detect maintains the familiar style of the V-series vacuum cleaners, but with added new technology.

Like the V11, the V15 Detect is a modular vacuum cleaner with a swappable, click-in battery. It weighs 6.8lbs (3.08kg), fractionally more than the V11, which comes in at 6.68lbs (3.03).

Like the V11, it has 14 cyclones and a run time of up to 60 minutes, although, like all vacuum cleaner running times, this will be on the lowest setting, without motorised attachments. It charges in 4.5 hours and has a dustbin volume of 0.2 gallons (just over 0.75 litres, like the V11).

Both vacuum cleaners also feature a colour LCD screen. In the case of the V11, it's only used to display cleaning modes and battery life and for troubleshooting, should something go wrong. The V15 Detect uses it for much more, as we'll outline below.

The new cleaner represents a real change from the rest of the series thanks to its laser, acoustic dust sensing and redesigned anti-tangle cleaning heads. 

V15 Detect's laser diode

The V15 Detect’s main cleaning head (the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head) features a green diode laser angled from the ground in the best position to create contrast between dust and the floor. The laser’s purpose is to illuminate dust that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye, with the idea being that if you can see more dust, you can remove more dust.

But it won’t just give you more visibility on the ground. The vacuum cleaner also features a piezo sensor, which measures the quantity and size of dust detected.

First, carbon fibre filaments in the cleaning head pick up microscopic particles, which are sized and counted. At the entrance to the bin, the dust hits the piezo sensor, which converts the vibrations the dust produces into electrical signals. The LCD display will then show how many particles of each size have been picked up. 

V15 Detect LCD screen

And, when auto mode is engaged, the vacuum cleaner will automatically increase suction when it comes across a larger amount of dust.  

The V15 Detect also has two smaller cleaning heads optimised for dealing with hair. The high torque cleaner head has a comb-like attachment of polycarbonate teeth that prevents hair from tangling up in the bristles.

A second attachment, the all-new Hair Screw, is a conical cleaning head that spirals hair away from the brush bar and into the bin.  

Hair screw attchment

Which accessories does the V15 Detect come with?

In the US, the V15 comes with an armload of add-ons and attachments. As well as the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head, it comes with a high torque cleaning head featuring an anti-tangle comb, the Hair Screw tool, a crevice tool, a stubborn dirt brush, a mini soft dusting brush, a combination tool, plus a wand clip, docking station and charger.

Dyson often includes a different set of accessories in each territory, so its attachments will vary depending on where you buy it. We already know that two editions are set to launch in Australia, the Absolute Extra and the Total Clean, and we expect that the difference between the two will be the attachments offered with the vacuum cleaner.

All models will come with the laser Slim Fluffy head and it’s likely that they’ll come with one or both of the high torque head and hair screw tool.

The UK Absolute version is identical to the US one, except that it doesn't come with the stubborn dirt brush.

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