From today, the Flyaway will be one of the tools that comes with any new Supersonic hairdryer purchased in the UK. If you've already got a Supersonic, you can buy it separately for £30.

The Flyaway is fresh from Dyson's engineering department and it hides away flyaway hairs to give you a smoother hairdo.

How the Flyaway works

Like the Dyson Airwrap, the Flyaway tool harnesses the Coanda effect to help style your hair. The Coanda effect describes the way that a stream of water or air sticks to a flat or a curved surface. Essentially, the Coanda effect is the reason that jugs have spouts; it's what makes your tea run down the side of your mug when you try to pour it out.

The Flyaway is a semi-circular loop tool that attracts longer hairs to the front of your hairstyle, while a second jet of air pushes flyaway hairs away and underneath. Essentially, it mimics what stylists do to smooth your hair in a salon. 

Flyaway tool from front and side

For Afro hair: the wide tooth comb

If you have Afro, curly or textured hair, the Flyaway tool isn't going to do much for your hair but the Supersonic now also comes with a wide tooth comb attachment. It'll help you to lengthen, style and shape your hair. 

If you've already got a Supersonic, you can buy the wide tooth comb attachment for £30. 

How to get the Flyaway attachment

The Supersonic costs £299.99 and is available from the Dyson website or the Dyson Demo Store on Oxford Street. It comes with five tools and accessories: a styling concentrator, a diffuser, a gentle air attachment, the flyaway and the wide tooth comb.

But the cheapest way to get a Supersonic is to buy it refurbished from Dyson, which will set you back £239.99. Add the flyaway attachment or the wide tooth comb to your basket and you're still ahead, price-wise. 

If you already own a Supersonic, you can buy the Flyaway separately from the Dyson website, for £30. You can see all available accessories and attachments on the website.

The Supersonic is available in the US from for $399.99.

To find out more about what the Supersonic is like to use, you can read our hands-on (and hair smoothed) review. As a small spoiler, we awarded it 4.5 stars out of 5.