Incidentally, Amazon has a great deal on the V7 Motorhead. It's on sale for £199.99, down from the RRP of £369.99, a saving of £170.99 or 46%. It's an older model, so the RRP is a bit inflated but it's still a very good cleaner at a solid discount. The V7 will give you up to 30 minutes of vacuuming – or 6 minutes on MAX mode – with a charging time of 2.5 hours. It weighs only 2.3kg and has a washable lifetime filter.

If you don't have a fan at home and fancy splashing out on a Dyson, now would be the time to do it, ahead of summer. You can get £50 off the Pure Cool Me, bringing the price down to £249.99 from £299.99. If that still seems like a lot, well, it is a Dyson product. But bear in mind that it's not only a fan but also an air purifier.

The Pure Cool Me is a personal desk fan. It's quiet and efficient and won't blow everything on your desk all over the place but it takes up a fair amount of space and it won't cool an entire room. You can read our review here. It's available from the Dyson site in white and silver, white and fuchsia and black and nickel

The deepest discount is buried towards the bottom of the Dyson site. The elegant CSYS desk light is the biggest bargain, at over £100 off. It's down from £400 to £299.99. You can get it in black or white and silver. If you're a fan of industrial design, this could be one for you.