Dyson’s Corrale hair straightener is now available in two new colours: matt fuchsia and copper. They'll cost the same as the original Corrale at £399.99. As with other Dyson products, the company has opted for a subtle, understated palette. 

Just joking, obviously. The new colour options are bold to the point of radioactivity.

Corrale in copper

When Dyson launched the Corrale last year, it aimed – as it does whenever it enters a new product arena – to offer a fresh engineering solution to a common problem.

The problem in this case was the heat damage that hair suffers as a result of repeated straightening. Dyson’s engineers came up with a solution that the company reckoned would halve the amount of the damage caused by ordinary straighteners.

The solution is the flexible plates that fit closely to the section of hair being straightened. The reasoning was: the better the contact, the more efficient the straightening. Using fewer strokes to achieve very straight hair means less exposure to hot metal and less heat damage.  

But the Corrale can create waves as well as straightening. The flexing plates are a manganese copper alloy with a tourmaline edge. Tourmaline has ionising properties that should help reduce static.

It also has a couple of features to keep the temperature precise. It has three heat settings: 165°C (330°F), 185°C (365°F) and 210°C (410°F), whereas straighteners from GHD, for example, only heat to 185°C. The Corrale also has a platinum sensor that checks and regulates the temperature 100 times a second to ensure that it never overheats.

You can take the Corrale on a plane as among its other features is a travel tag. Remove it and it disconnects the battery, so the device adheres to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regulations.

Corrale in fuchsia

You can buy the Corrale in the matt fuchsia or copper colourway from Dyson in the UK for £399.99. The original UK colourway – black nickel with fuchsia accents – is still available. The Corrale comes with three accessories: a charging dock, a magnetic 360° charging cable and a heat resistant travel pouch. 

If you're in the US, right now you can only buy the Corrale in the original release colour options: black nickel and fuchsia or black and purple.

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