Vax is selling its highly rated Platinum Power Max cleaner for £249. That’s the standard price but you’ll also get a £69.99 steam cleaner thrown in free. You can get the deal on


The Platinum Power Max has a wash and rinse mode, to deep clean your carpets and then remove any shampoo residue. Your carpets can be dry within an hour of cleaning.

Vax says it’s the company’s best cleaner to date. It’s certainly highly-rated. It has a 1,200 watt motor and a 3.6 litre clean water tank. It's also fitted with a 2.9 litre tank for dirty water, so you’re only ever using clean water on your carpets. If you think how often you need to change the water in the bucket when mopping a hard floor and imagine how much dirtier a carpet can get, you’ll have a good sense of why this is such an advantage.

You can also use it on upholstery and there’s a separate cleaning head for that, as well as a hard floor tool and a spin scrub tool. The main head features a brush bar and behind it are seven rotating brush heads designed to lift your carpet fibres and remove dirt. There’s a long, stretchy hose with a 4.6 metre reach, so you can clean your stairs without lugging the carpet cleaner along with you.

The appliance also comes with a pre-treatment tool so you can spray patches of dirt or stains with cleaning solution before getting down to the carpet clean.

In the box, you’ll also get a 250ml bottle of pre-treatment solution and two 250ml bottles of Platinum cleaning solution.

The Platinum Power Max comes with a six-year guarantee and free next-day delivery.

The free steam cleaner is a multifunctional appliance that you can use on floors and, if you convert it into a handheld and change the head to a steam nozzle, on counters, taps and more.

It's 1,300 watts and has a variable steam control. It will give you 15 minutes of cleaning time (from a 330ml tank). It comes with a nine-piece multipurpose tool and accessory kit.

One of the advantages of having a steam cleaner of this kind is that you can use it to make horrible home cleaning jobs easier – like cleaning the toilet or oven, going over your windows or shower cubicle or even defrosting the freezer.

We think this is a really good home cleaning deal that’ll cover everything you need beyond a vacuum cleaner. Get it from

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