The high hinge design also aids in keeping the inside of your sandwich where it should be. There’s nothing worse than making a cheese toastie and ending up with all of your cheddar filling escaping to coat the side of the appliance and the counter, while you wind up eating a sad, empty sandwich.

The one flaw of toasted sandwich makers is how much of a pain they are to clean. Breville has addressed this with removable plates that can be chucked into the sink when they’re dirty. They’re dishwasher safe as well.

And, as the plates are removable, you can buy compatible waffle making plates, which you can swap for the toastie plates and make fresh waffles. The only catch is that they're sold separately and at £25, will drive up the price somewhat. You can buy them now on Amazon UK.

The appliance has non-slip feet, cord storage and indicator lights. The handle is also cool to the touch, so it won’t heat up and burn your fingers when you’re trying to free your sarnie.

Breville's toastie maker

The Ultimate Deep Fill (VST082) is priced at £34.99 and would make an excellent gift for anyone off to university. It’ll be available from a number of online retailers including Amazon UK, Costco,, Grattan and John Lewis. At the moment, we can only find it in stock on Amazon.

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