Since 2015, when it launched the V6, Dyson has been giving its V series of vacuum cleaners a yearly update. With each successive iteration, the cordless vac became incrementally more powerful and gained an LED display, a swappable battery and finally its green laser.

But what the Dyson cordless didn’t get was a fresh design. The Omni-glide changed all that.

We got our hands on it in September and put it through its paces. Make no mistake: the Omni-glide is a specialised tool. It’s for hard floors only and it’s not the most powerful vacuum cleaner out there. Nor is it crammed with features. But what it does, it does brilliantly.

The Omni-glide is a fantastic little mover. Thanks to the four casters on the bottom of the main cleaning head, it can move in any direction and this allows you to vacuum in a completely different way to the sawing back-and-forth motion we’re all so accustomed to.

Omni-glide cleaning head

A design that changes the way we go about a mundane task is something worth celebrating.

The Omni-glide also makes cleaning easier. Because it can get into tight spots and as it's so light and so phenomenally manoeuvrable, it removes much of the the actual work of vacuuming: lugging the vac around, dragging furniture out of the way. Essentially, it’s a vacuum cleaner for people who hate vacuuming. And I think we can all get behind that.

Best of all, it’s among Dyson’s more affordable cordless vacs, available for £349.99.

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Haier’s Wine Bank 50 Series 7 is a connected wine bank. What that means is that it’s a dedicated wine fridge with smart features you can control from an app on your phone.

It features tech to protect your collection from changes in temperature, UV damage or vibrations from movement when people stomp past. And its two zones can be programmed to different temperatures, for storing red and white. You may not need an appliance like this but it’s hard not to want it.

The Meaco Arete One is another beautifully designed appliance. It’s a dehumidifier built specifically for people in the UK. With our leaky maritime climate, a dehumidifier can be a useful appliance to have around, especially if you dry clothes indoors. It also functions as an air purifier, so if you invest, you’ll get good use from it. Most handily, its control panel has been simplified so that users can have the fewest interactions with it possible. You can literally just press a button and walk away.

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