This means that users can browse recipes via the app and download them to the Cookit. The full-colour display will guide them through food preparation and the stages of cooking and display the remaining cooking time. 

For even less effort, the user can opt for one of the 24 automatic cooking programmes – or switch off tech support and cook traditionally.

Cookit keypad

As it’s Alexa compatible, once a dish is underway, the user can call out to ask how much cooking time remains and Alexa will respond.

The Cookit can be used to make everything from yoghurt to soup to sous vide to fish. It has a maximum temperature of 200°C, so can caramelise, crisp, fry and sauté food. It can also steam cook.

The XL pot has a three-litre capacity (which should be enough to cook for four to eight people), and there are sensors around the pot to ensure that the temperature on the bottom and sides is maintained evenly.

Cookit and accessories

The Cookit comes with food preparation accessories including universal blades, 3D mixing and twin beater whisks, and cutting and shredding discs. It also has integrated scales, so, in most cases, you'll be able to go from raw ingredients to finished product without using any other appliances or devices.

The pot itself and accessories are heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe, for an easier clean-up.

There's no word yet on an exact release date or cost but in Germany, it's priced at €1,266. We'll update when we hear more. 

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