If your kettle is on its last legs or your toaster is nearing the end of its days, you're in luck as now is a good time to refresh your countertop appliances.

Buy from the selection at Argos and add the code RHOBBS25 at the checkout and you’ll get 25% off your Russell Hobbs toaster or kettle. Here are some of the best options.

The Russell Hobbs Honeycomb collection includes matching kettles and toasters, with a textured honeycomb finish, in a choice of grey, black or white.

The 26051 Honeycomb kettle ordinarily retails for £24.99 but will be £18.74 using the voucher code. It has a 1.7 litre capacity (six cups) but can boil a single cup in 45 seconds. It has an illuminated water window, blue illumination on boiling and a 360-degree base.

The matching 26061 Honeycomb two-slice toaster also comes in black, grey or white and is £24.99 like the kettle. It's available for the same voucher discount.

The Russell Hobbs K65 Anniversary kettle was launched earlier this year to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the world's first automatic switch-off kettle. It has a lovely, retro design but the 1.2 litre kettle has had some modern upgrades: it can boil a cup's worth of water in less than 40 seconds. It also has a removable limescale filter and a 360-degree base. 

Russell Hobbs K65 retro kettle

The model with a brushed stainless-steel finish is included in the offer. It ordinarily retails at £59.99 but with the voucher code could be yours for £44.99.

There’s no matching toaster but the Russell Hobbs 24081 two-slice toaster in a stainless-steel finish has a similarly old-school look and would make a good countertop companion for the K65.

Russell Hobbs two-slice toaster

Best of all, it’s currently on offer for £19.99, or £14.99 with the voucher code.

The 24280 Luna quiet boil jug kettle has a 1.7 litre capacity and a 360-degree base. Ordinarily, it costs £49.99, but it’s yours with the deal for £37.49.

The matching 24310 Luna two-slice toaster is brushed stainless steel with copper accents. It has six toast settings and a lift and lock function that allows you to check on your toast’s progress without stopping heating.

Luna two-slice toaster

It’s available for £39.99 or £29.99 if you use the voucher code.

There are also some Emma Bridgewater kettles and toasters included in the deal.

The ‘Rise & Shine” 23907 kettle is usually £79.99 but add RHOBBS25 at the checkout and get it for £59.99. It’s a 1.5 litre capacity kettle with a rapid boil function and a removable and washable limescale filter.

Emma Bridgewater toaster and kettle sets

The matching toaster is available as either a two or four slice model. The two-slice toaster is usually £69.99 and the four-slice toaster is £79.99 but right now you can get them for £52.50 and £59.99.

Emma Bridgewater's 21889 Polka Dot kettle (with a usual price of £79.99), plus the matching two-slice (£69.99) and four-slice toaster (£79.99) are also included in the deal.

You can see the full list of appliances in the deal on the Argos website.

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