For those that haven’t jailbroken a device and are wondering what the fuss is all about, jailbreaking your iPhone allows you to install apps and other OS tweaks from third-party sources. This could be anything, from a tweak that allows you to use Touch ID or Face ID to lock apps to an emulator that lets you play old-school Gameboy titles on-the-go. 

Of course, these downloads don’t come from the App Store, but instead via Cydia and other online repositories. Apps and tweaks downloaded from third-party sources don’t adhere to the same security and privacy standards as those on the App Store, which does leave the door open for potential hackers, so it’s not a universal benefit - you have to decide whether the freedom of a jailbreak is worth the potential privacy risk.

The claim that unc0ver’s upcoming jailbreak will work on any iPhone or iPad running anything between iOS 11 and iOS 13.5 is a big one. The main competition, Checkra1n, only works with devices featuring Apple’s A11 Bionic chipset (iPhone 8 and iPhone X) or earlier, leaving recent iPhone and iPad owners in the dark.

Using the previously-undiscovered 0day kernel vulnerability, unc0ver’s tool should allow users to jailbreak even Apple’s most recent products, including the iPhone 11 range, iPhone SE and the 2020 iPad Pro range. It’s a welcome change that’ll be music to the ears of any recent Apple device owner with a keen interest in experimenting with the world of jailbreaking. 

While there is no solid release date in place just yet, the wording of the unc0ver team’s tweet suggests that we won’t be waiting much longer, and the unc0ver site claims it’s around 90 percent complete at the time of writing. Will you be jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter.