A new report from YouTuber EverythingApplePro and XDA Developers reporter Max Weinbach claims the next generation of Pro model iPhones will have 120Hz ProMotion displays as seen on the current iPad Pro models.

It’s likely that Apple would carry the ProMotion branding over, though it’s unconfirmed along with all these latest rumours.

A higher refresh rate on an iPhone for the first time would bring the iPhone in line with Android flagship phones from the last year or so that have added 90Hz or 120Hz panels. This is up from the standard 60Hz of most phone screens and makes animations and scrolling appear much smoother.

The presumably-named iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are said to have variable refresh rate switching where the phone will automatically display at 60 or 120Hz depending on what you’re doing with the device. This theoretically helps to save battery life and improve performance.

The video report also claims the Pro models will get bigger batteries, a new logic board design and LiDAR cameras also seen on the 2020 iPad Pros.

The addition of 120Hz on an iPhone in 2020 is typical Apple behaviour – it won’t be the first to introduce such tech onto a smartphone, but when it does, you can bet it’ll do it very well.